Digital Marketing – The modern day Yellow Pages

Digital Marketing – The modern day Yellow Pages

Digital Marketing is the modern day Yellow Pages 

Have you seen a Yellow Pages lately? They’re a bit smaller than they used to be aren’t they? Have you wondered why? Truth is, most businesses have realised the future of marketing lies not in traditional print media – but online. The growth of the internet has seen a marked shift in the way businesses, large and small, advertise locally and nationally. As a result of this shift in strategy, the Yellow Pages have had to adapt. And fast.

When did you last use a Yellow Pages to find a local business?

I bet you can’t remember can you? I know I can’t…! I do most of my searches via my PC or SIRI to find anything from a local fish and chip shop to the best deals on a PC Monitor these days and I know I’m not the only one that does! If your website or business isn’t easily findable on the big search engines then you can bet your competitors are. And they’re taking away valuable business from you.

SEO can make the difference…

Good SEO, that is the type that doesn’t cut corners or risk getting your website banned from search engines (yes, that’s a thing!), can be the difference between your business growing or remaining static or even shrinking. Ethical SEO (that’s what I do) is actually encouraged by Google. It’s not a quick fix and it can take weeks, sometimes months, for a good SEO strategy to start making the difference you want and need. I don’t pretend that SEO is a quick fix. I don’t fill my clients with false promises. I tell it like it is. My clients respect me more for my approach and this is what leads to a successful working relationship.

Trust me. I’m an expert.

No, seriously, I am! I’ve been optimising websites for a long time. Believe me, I’ve seen and heard all the anecdotes that SEO is dead, or SEO is a scam. SEO has a bit of a bad reputation but that’s down to a few bad apples giving it a bad name. You know what I’m talking about… We’ve all had them. Those emails that promise page one rankings on Google for £50 a month. usually from an overseas company that you’ve never heard of. They send out thousands of unsolicted emails (I get around 10-20 a day) and know that they only need a small percentage of these to pay their £50 fee each time for them to become profitable. They will then use underhand, black hat SEO techniques that will see a website rocket up the search results pages for a while… before Google gets wise to them and penalises the websites it’s found on their Private Blog Networks (PBN’s). In fact it’s not just overseas companies that use PBN’s. I’ve seen evidence from large well known UK based companies that also use these tactics. Tactics that Google categorically warns will result in manual actions when found. I don’t use PBN’s and advise all my clients against trying to cut corners.

What can SEO do for my small business?

If you’ve been in business a while you probably advertised in the Yellow Pages at some point. It worked well in its day. The bigger your ad, the more calls you’d probably get as a result. But as times have changed you probabl realised that you weren’t getting quite the same bang for your buck as you used to in recent years. SEO will help improve your websites visibility online. It will be in front of your customers right at the time they are looking for your goods or services. Whether it be a mobile search, desktop search, or, as is becoming even more popular, a voice search. My SEO services help get your website in front of the right people at the right time. 24/7.

Save your old rotary dial phone and favourite Yellow Pages book. They’re going to be worth a fortune at some auction one day. But right now, ride the SEO wave, because it’s going to be totally worth your investment. Ask me for more details today.

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