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Every small business owner dreams the huge corporate dream. Just like every website dreams of hitting the #1 spot on page one Google. There’s nothing wrong about that… But, what are you willing or planning to do to get there?

People, not machines, bring traffic

I designed my first website in 1999. Since then, I have seen and witnessed some tremendous change in this industry. Nowadays, people design and create a website with SEO on their minds from the very beginning. Again, that’s a legit thing to do. The only trouble is that they then tend to forget that it is people bringing traffic and not machines.

Therefore, when a client asks me to design a search engine friendly website, my answer is yes, but let’s leave out the word “engine.” Why? Web design, including all other elements both big and small, more or less important for SEO, should aim at real people, not some heartless machines. You want to make friends with Google and its search engines. That’s fine. Just don’t forget one important thing. Your target audience, your current and potential customers and clients are the ones to push your website to the top of search results for a particular set of keywords.

The SEO wizard’s hat is always white!

I’m a small business owner just like you. I would like to expand my business and find new clients. But, rest assured, there are certain lines I will never cross. There are some people who risk their websites being shut down by Google just to spend a few days or weeks among the top search results. Why? Is it really worth all that trouble and money?

That’s not going to happen with my search friendly web design. I’m ambitious, but I’m not desperate. I’m lucid, but I’m not crazy. I play according to Google’s rules to the tiniest detail. This means your website is never at any risk of manual actions or penalties.

Built to the latest industry standards

Your new website will be coded using the latest web building techniques. Clean, valid code that is search engine friendly, easy to use and functional. It will also be designed to work across multiple browsers and devices too so will look great on any sized screen.

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