I’ve spent almost twenty years working as a digital marketer. I’ve witnessed some of the unparalleled revolutionary changes first-hand. Yet, all new technologies and gadgets still can’t undermine the importance of the good old copy.

What’s left when we take off the content? You’re left with nothing more than shiny pictures and eye-catching colours you can’t do a thing with.

At the same time, I’m fully aware that there’s simply no point in trying to reinvent the copywriting wheel. The devil is the details. This is how I came up with the Gimme Five Copywriting Rule. I have taken care of all the hidden details to ensure that my clients get great copy every time. How? Every single copy includes the following:

Gimme One – Plagiarism Report

Originality is an absolute must in copywriting. There’s no simpler way to ensure peace of mind that a piece I have written is original than running it through a plagiarism system. Both Google and your customers will appreciate the 100% genuine copy you’re using on your website or in any ads.

Gimme Two – Grammarly Report

Before I send a copy to my clients, I always double check and proofread every single word I have written. Grammarly is a useful tool that helps get an additional check of my copy and ensures what I’ve written is easy to read and understand.

Gimme Three – Keywords Density Report

Copywriting is all about keywords. Now, the trick is that the number of a keyword’s repetition in the text matches the optimal density. This is the reason I provide a useful keywords density report. You know how it goes. If your copy lacks the right number of keywords, then you’re shooting with an empty SEO gun. Or, if you get too carried away with too many keywords, then Google is going to raise its lovely eyebrows and slam your website for being spammy.

Gimme Four – Readability Score Report

What’s readability and why it is important in copywriting? If a copy is readable then you’re going to enjoy reading it. More importantly, you’re going to remember it. This text, for instance, matches the reading score of Harry Potter books. Yes, you’re witnessing copywriting magic right now.

Gimme Five – The Secret Ingredient

The best moment in the entire copywriting process is when you get struck by the lighting of creativity. How it happens and why, I don’t know, but I will continue writing for as long as it does…

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